Professional Voice Recorder
Voice documentation for airports, ATC service prodviders, fire departments, police, rescue services, border guards, coast guards, transport and traffic.
Voice Collect VC_MDx (Bild: VoiceCollect)


Proven voice recording systems for safety-relevant facilities

Airports, ATC service providers, fire departments, police, rescue services, border guards, coast guards or transport and traffic: our products have been used around the globe for many years to record radio traffic and calls safely and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Always trustable

The VoiceCollect software and hardware supports TDM, VoIP, PBX, ED-137 communications, Atis marine radio, digital emergency calls and more sources. With each solution, you can record 1024 channels and more simultaneously – always secure, reliable and traceable.


Specific adaptation of our voice recording components to your needs.

Installation and setup of the multi-channel recording systems at your site.

Introductions and trainings that are perfectly tailored to your employees and your system.

Preventive maintenance of your voice recorder hardware to ensure long-lasting use.

Regular updates including support when changing your hardware platform.


Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Airports and air traffic control


Ships, port operators, shipyards and docks


Bus, train and ferry operators, metro

Power Generation

Power plants, wind farms and electricity grid operators

Public Authorities and Public Safety

Police, fire and emergency centers


Production companies and corporations

Authorities and companies from all over the world trust in our experience and competence in the field of Multi Channel Voice Recorders.

Tradition. Experience. State-of-the-art technology.

VoiceCollect GmbH develops, produces and distributes professional recording solutions. Our systems are used worldwide in security-relevant areas, for example in control centers and command vehicles, in regional and international air traffic control as well as by energy suppliers and transport service providers. As a sister company of ATIS systems GmbH, VoiceCollect looks back on a company history of more than 75 years in the field of voice and data recording.

Zertifikat: Zertifiziertes Managementsystem (Bild: TÜV Saarland)

Isozertifiziertes Managementsystem ISO 9001

Zertifikat: Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Certified Solution (Bild: Alcatel Lucent)
Alcatel Lucent Enterprise Certified Solution
NF: PAR AFNOR Certification
Zertifikat: ATOS Unify Ready
ATOS Unify Ready