VoiceCollect GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 5
D-61352 Bad Homburg

phone +49 (0)6172 923 33 17
phone +49 (0)6172 923 33 19

for your Security & Compliance


VoiceCollect GmbH headquarter is located in Bad Homburg/Germany.

The core business of is the development and production of voice documentation systems for air traffic control, public safety authorities, utilities and transportation. The products are sold worldwide directly through distributors and system integrators. The VoiceCollect® brand is protected worldwide.

VoiceCollect GmbH or our appointed partners offer delivery and commissioning, product training, after-sales service and SLA are offered by

VoiceCollect GmbH is your qualified contact for all recording solutions, from command and control units to regional and international airports to complex, geo-redundant, nationwide solutions for control centers and utilities

Many good reasons for VoiceCollect

  • independent private german company
  • more than 70 years experiences in the field of Voice & Data Recording
  • own development of software based VoIP recording with today’s current VoIP protocols
  • own development of TDM interfaces for analogue, ISDN, E1, and UP0 connections
  • the right recorder solution for all requirements with a variety of options and applications
  • and much more

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