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It‘s all in the box: Remote Interface & Media Gateway. The interface for the central recording of conversations in complex communication scenarios.

With the RIAB interface VoiceCollect® enables the documentation of conversations from a variety of sources at a central location, with this documentation also serving as a reliable form of evidence.

RIAB is particularly suited for large organisations where communications from a variety of sources have to be centrally archived and evaluated. This requirement typically applies for airports, industrial parks, barracks, hospitals, schools and higher education centres.

Every source of communication, whether a telephone exchange, a radio or an electro-acoustic central office, is equipped with its own RIAB interface. These each offer up to 32 analogue and various digital input channels. RIAB receives the communications content and forwards it via a network to the central recording system, for instance to a VC MDx system. This content may be compressed, depending on the settings. Any signalling contained (DTMF, caller ID, etc.) will be decoded in this process.

The use of RIAB enables the separation of interface and control or archiving, which is frequently required for recording systems. In addition, individual groups of interfaces can easily be reconfigured or exchanged, without interrupting ongoing recording or archiving. Configuration of RIAB can comfortably be effected via the network.

With RIAB gateways it is also possible to equip professional recording systems based on virtual machines or COTS servers with TDM interfaces.

The RIAB interface enables the central recording, archiving and evaluation of voice communications from a variety of sources and locations.

Special performance features:

  • Central recording of telephony, radio and electro-acoustic communications
  • Up to 32 analogue and various digital input channels
  • Problem-free connection to central recording systems such as the VC MDx
  • Very easy to use