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Powerful Voice Recording Software for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

The VC-MDx recording software, developed by VoiceCollect ®, offers reliable and secure signal aquisition, storage and presentation for evaluation and playback with seamless integration into the communication intrastructure.

Selected key benefits:

  • adjustable archiving periods and scenario replay functions
  • marking & commentary features
  • multi-channel playback
  • selective creation of evidence media
  • off-line evaluation
  • integration with VCS systems, PABX networks and IT infrastructure
  • integration into complex command and control centers
  • connectivity to centralized, third party databases for the transfer of call data or unique transaction numbers
  • CTI/CSTA interoperability with leading communication equipment vendors
  • Up to 512 simultaneous recordings
  • Analogue, TDM and VoIP support
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Easy to use with intuitive GUI
  • Multichannel, Scenario and Synchronized playback


  • ATM, ATC, ANSP, Airports
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Finance, Forex, Stock Exchange
  • Malicious / Threat Calls
  • Military
  • Border & Coast Guard
  • Enterprise, Building & Compound Security

Up to 512 recording channels are available on one CPU.Received communication is recorded on hard disk. Archiving via LAN is controlled via the MDx to a network-attachedstorage (NAS) or other storage devices. For automatic or case-selective archiving RDX drives are used. Individual calls or a selection of multiple calls can be exported as WAV, MP3 or the proprietary VoiceCollect ® format and stored o an external medium or a network-attached-storage. LAN archiving via AudioCenter is controlled by the AudioCenter software. The MDx platform can also be used to record threat calls, in this scenario only marked calls are archived.

Security and Control
Hierarchical user and password management assures system security and access control. Access rights can be assigned down to channel level. A number of user roles are available in the standard system configuration and are assigned in accordance with individual users’ position and authorisation level. If necessary, the “four-eyes” principle for the allocation of passwords is supported by the VC-MDx application, in which case selected user accounts can only be activated upon entry of two separate passwords.

All system messages and user activities are saved in log files, which can be accessed by the system administrator. Error messages and warnings are displayed in clear text alternatively, they can be dispatched via SNMP, viewed using the Administrator application or signalled using potential free relays.

For query purposes there are various filter windows with more than 20 available search criteria. All search criteria can be aggregated and saved as a combined

Playback related features include:

  • Loop – continuous replay of selected segments
  • Flexispeech – quarter up to quadruple-speed
  • Zooming
  • Text commentary
  • DSE – digital silence encoding
  • Playback AGC: Enhancement of signal strength during playback for better audibility
  • Using the Multiplay function up to 16 recording channels can be selected for synchronised scenario replay (includes graphical display)

The application of the VC-MDx is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to learn. A comprehensive online help and bubble-help fields are available and makes finding your way around the VC-MDx simple. Not only that, all of the software clients available for LAN access have the same look and feel, thereby
increasing the comfort factor and decreasing training cost for users of the VC-MDx.