IR 44 CF – II

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Next-Generation Digital Recording. VoiceCollect®IR 44 CF-II recorder: extremely compact design, removable archiving medium, direct access to recordings

The new IR 44 CF-II from VoiceCollect ® heralds the next generation of digital voice recording systems. Its compact design and impressive characteristics make the IR 44 CF-II the ideal solution for all mobile and semi-mobile applications. Due to this concept, the system is also perfectly suited for use in small control centres run by law enforcement agencies and other organisations involved in safety and security.

With the IR 44 CF-II system, all recorded calls are archived on removable CompactFlash cards. The IR 44 CF-II comes optionally with two or four recording channels. In the case of analogue telephone lines, the system analyses DTMF, caller ID and CLIP information. With ISDN connections, the D channel protocol is evaluated. All recordings are archived with time and date stamps. The internal time base can be synchronised with the VoiceCollect ® protocol using a DCF77 receiver or other time source.

The device is operated using function keys and an LCD display. Calls can be recorded and played back simultaneously, independently of each other. An integrated, adjustable loudspeaker is available for local replay from the device. Moreover, there are also connections on the front panel for headphones and for output to an auxiliary device. The “NET” version of the IR 44 CF-II, which is specifically designed for use in a network, is controlled completely via the LAN and therefore not equipped with an operating panel.

Calls can also be replayed via a TCP/IP network with the assistance of a software client. A player application is available for playing backstored calls from the CF card on a desktop PC or notebook. Recordings can be exported as standard WAV files or in our own proprietary format and stored on any medium for further processing / archiving. The AudioCenter software developed by VoiceCollect ® additionally allows automated call archiving over a LAN.

Particular performance characteristics:

  • 2-channel or 4-channel recording
  • Call archiving on CF cards
  • Extremely simple operation via function keys on the device
  • Optimised for mobile use
  • Maintenance-free