Multimedia recording systems for mission reconstruction in the field of critical communications and public safety

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… … develops, produces and sells recording systems in the field of critical communications for security-relevant facilities and companies. These include, among others, air traffic control and control centers for police, fire and rescue services.


State-of-the-art multimedia recording for safety-relevant applications

Get ready to take your multimedia recording to the next level with VoiceCollect TACITUS!

With its unlimited number of recording channels, distributed architecture and support for all popular audio, video and data sources, Multimedia Recorder TACITUS is the ultimate solution for businesses and organizations.

And with its web-based playback management and configuration, multimedia scenario playback, advanced search and playback, and optimization for deployment on VM and standard servers, TACITUS offers unparalleled ease of use and versatility.

  • Unlimited number of recording channels with distributed architecture
  • Coverage of all popular audio, video, and data sources
  • Local, network and cloud-based storage
  • Web-based operation, management, and configuration
  • Playback of multimedia scenarios
  • Advanced search and “forensic playback” function
  • Operating system independent deployment
  • Deployment on virtual machines or COTS servers

The inspiration for VoiceCollect TACITUS was Tacitus, a Roman historian and senator who lived in the 1st century AD. He is known for his writings about the reigns of Roman emperors and the events of the time.

Tacitus’ writings offer important insights into Roman politics, society and culture during the early imperial period.

TACITUS Multimedia Recording System by VoiceCollect (Image: Voice Collect)


Voice Collect VC_MDx (Bild: VoiceCollect)

The powerful recording software for voice and data

The MDx recorder provides up to 1024 simultaneous recording channels via various interfaces. VoiceCollect provides it either on COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware or for implementation on virtual machines (VM).

The MDx system provides recording and data interfaces for TDM and VoIP sources. Special functions for individual applications are available. Playback and evaluation of recordings is possible based on client or web applications via LAN.

Depending on the application, various solutions are available for multi-channel voice recording. The MDx system offers quick search functions, filter routines, playback AGC, an impound agent, and much more.

  • Very good integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • Designed for integration into complex mission control systems and emergency interrogation systems
  • Integration of VCS systems, digital radio and PABX networks
  • Interfaces to central, external databases for the transfer of call data or transaction/operation numbers
  • CTI/CSTA compatibility with leading communications system vendors
  • Analog, digital and VoIP interfaces
  • Multi-channel recording with up to 1024 simultaneous recording processes
  • Selectable archiving periods and flexible scenario playback
  • Marking & commenting functions
  • Selective creation of evidence media
  • Remote and independent playback
  • Multi-channel, scenario and time-synchronous playback
  • Multi-client capability: Management of different organizational units on one system, e.g. for integrated control centers.

With the MDx recording system, you can record up to 1024 channels simultaneously. All communication data is stored on a hard disk. Archiving on a network storage (for example a NAS) is possible at any time. RDX drives with removable media can also be used for automatic or case-related archiving.

Selected conversations can be exported as WAV or MP3 files as well as VoiceCollect-specific format to a data carrier or network storage. Advanced cross-device LAN archiving is also possible using VC’s AudioCenter software.

You can also use the MDx recording software for voice and data to back up threatening calls. Here, only marked calls are saved.

A hierarchical user and password system guarantees data security. It allows you to control access rights, which you can also assign at the individual channel level.

User rights are divided into functional units. You assign these to the system users according to task and authorization. The dual control principle is also supported by VC-MDx: The voice recording system requires the entry of two separately assigned passwords when accessing selected user accounts.

The VC-MDx voice documentation system stores all system messages and user activities in log files that are accessible to the system administrator. Error messages and warnings can be displayed in separate messages, sent via SNMP, queried by the administrator or signaled via relay contacts.

Our professional voice recorder software provides various filter masks with more than 20 search criteria for call research. All criteria can be combined as desired and saved as a filter profile for recurring searches.

VoiceCollect’s MDx software offers an intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-learn interface. All work steps are supported by online help and quickinfo fields.

In addition, the central voice recording system and the various software clients for LAN access have a uniform look and feel. In this way, even newcomers quickly find their way around, and the costs for training are reduced to a minimum.

The MDx system is a professional voice recorder with which you can perform detailed call documentation. For this purpose, it offers you these special playback functions:

  • Loop: Continuous playback of certain call segments
  • Flexi-Speech: Playback at up to four times the playback speed or four times the playback slowdown speed
  • Digital Silence Encoding (DSE): Skipping pauses in conversations
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC): improvement of signal strength during playback
  • Multiplay: Synchronous scenario playback of up to 16 recording channels, including graphical representation of the time sequence
  • Commenting: Comments can be added to each recording


Digital emergency call, ED137 communication and more:
Intelligent, active VoIP recording

With VDS-II, VoiceCollect developed a powerful VoIP middleware that covers all standard protocols. In addition, it can be easily and seamlessly integrated into proprietary VoIP communication systems.

VDS-II is a flexible and reliable solution based on the EuroCAE standard. It is ideally suited for ED137 communication in the ATC area.

The recording software receives and processes VoIP communication. It forwards the content as well as data and events accompanying the conversation to the voice recording system.

  • Professional, high-performance VoIP decoding
  • Support for SIP, RTP & RTSP protocols
  • Connection to systems from Alcatel, Thales, Siemens, Unify and Motorola
  • 1:1 redundancy (full redundancy), partial redundancy (hard disks, power supply units) and geo-redundancy
  • High scalability: Up to 1024 channels in one system, recording capacities last for several years
  • COTS hardware with Microsoft Windows 10 or Microsoft Server 2019
  • Deployment on virtual systems (VMWare, Hyper-V and others)
  • SIP Active
  • SIP Passive
  • RTP Active
  • RTP Passive
  • ED137 B part 4
  • ED137 C part 4
  • UCIP
  • SIP Trunk
  • NF399 R17
  • Prometra NORUMAT Compact
  • Prometra NORUMAT IP
  • IPTrade Turret
  • DF-Connector
  • UNIFY Openscape
  • UNIFY Openscape VAS-B
VC VDS-II (Bild: VoiceCollect)


The remote gateway for central call recording in complex communication scenarios

With the RIAB-II interface, VoiceCollect enables evidence-proof recording, archiving and evaluation of voice communication from different sources and locations. And all this in one central location.

The Remote Interface & Media Interface is particularly suitable for large companies and organizations where communications from a wide variety of sources need to be centrally archived and evaluated. Typical areas of application include airports, industrial parks, barracks, clinics or school and university centers.

In professional voice recording, it is often required to separate the interface and the control or archiving. This is exactly what RIAB-II from VoiceCollect enables.

In addition, you can easily reconfigure or replace individual interface groups over the network without interrupting ongoing recording and archiving operations.

With RIAB-II it is also possible to equip voice recording systems on virtual systems or COTS servers with TDM interfaces.

  • Central communication recording for telephony, radio and electro-acoustics

    Up to 96 analog or digital input channels

  • Seamless connection to a central recording system (VC-MDx)

  • Intuitive operation


Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Airports and air traffic control


Ships, port operators, shipyards and docks


Bus, train and ferry operators, metro

Power Generation

Power plants, wind farms and electricity grid operators

Public Authorities and Public Safety

Police, fire and emergency centers


Production companies and corporations